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What’s the procedure for home tennis betting? What’s the winning money trick? See the same 188jili in the content below.

Tennis betting rules

If you want to bet on the proper Tennis standard, you need to understand the rules before you start. Understanding also helps members to be more confident in their experiences, avoid the system’s tricks, and be more proactive in their tactics:

The bet player’s bet is only valid when the game starts and ends. If the Tennis referee blows the whistle again, the odds are canceled.

The bet player’s tennis ticket is no longer valid when the athlete is disqualified or actively not participating, the venue of the game is changed, the time is extended or shortened, etc.

Your winnings are still counted when the game is only postponed for 24 hours. If it is not held after 24 hours, all tickets are canceled, and the bets are refunded.

Players must place bets before the start of the game; tickets that arise later will not be counted.

If an experienced member has a jackpot bet, the jackpot will still occur if one of the game’s jackpots is defined as usual.

Types of Tennis Betting

Take advantage of the more effective way to bet on Tennis when you’re up-to-date with your cash form. Here are some of the ratings that many people have chosen for priority that you should understand:

Pick up your asset.

Before the tennis game began, the house predicted the final odds. Players rely on this number to place money on the gateway (greater than the house number) or the sideway (lower than the home number).

Forget it.

Sports betting enthusiasts are no stranger to this form. The system relies on both sides’ strengths, stature, and achievements to evaluate and judge. If it’s not proportionate, the strong team will adopt a certain proportion of the weak team to create a balance.


Many people prefer This popular type of tennis, with a 50:50 win ratio. The player determines the total in the game as equal or random to bet on the amount of available capital.


This ratio is more complicated by the bettors, who need to grasp the information of the players. Next, you predict which athlete or team will win the final win for the money.

Tennis Betting Guide at 188JILI

Step 1: Players go to the 188jili homepage and register/ log in with the main account.

Step 2: The player deposits money into the game wallet to make a Tennis bet.

Step 3: Choose the “Speech” item => Select the hall you want to experience and the exercise “Tennis”.

Step 4: Then find your favourite match, bet and bet, then follow the progress, wait for the end to determine win-lose.Effective tennis betting experience

Understand how to score.

A newbie needs to learn the rules of the game and how to score before joining. Members take 15, 30, and 40 to proceed. At the start of the handover, the first winner scores 15-0, the next winner scores 15-15, and every +15 points for the winning team.

Understanding the tennis player.

Like many other sports, participants need to learn more about the athlete because this is an essential factor in the outcome. Some issues that need to be addressed include the status quo, achievements, history of confrontation, trauma, etc.

Make a capital plan

Many people tend to neglect advance planning on how to invest in tennis betting. But the newcomer needs to figure out from the start how this can control the payments, the risks that can be borne, and so on.

The above summarizes how to bet Tennis in 4 simple steps, newbies update the rules, forms of betting and tips to help optimize your chances of winning.

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